Branding Magic Guide

Bring your brand to life | taught by Lynda Mangoro


Hi, I’m Lynda, also known as the creative genie because of my vast design and artistic experience across many mediums and channels.

Over the past ten years I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs in the coaching and consultancy world to help bring their message, their services, and their brand to life and to assist them in stepping up and shining even brighter and reaching more people.

I’m an artist at heart, and have applied my creative passion across both graphic and website design and have helped some truly inspirational people to launch themselves and their businesses.

In this guide you will find a step by step walk through of my own process when helping to brand a new client – you may use this for yourself, to guide you if you are working with a designer and wish to have a better understanding of the creative process, or as a guide you if you are a designer working with clients who need branding.

Welcome to my Branding Magic Guide!

Lynda Mangoro
Lynda Mangoro
Creative Genie

I’m Lynda, your academy leader and creator of the Easy Designer Website. I’m an artist, illustrator,designer, author, creative entrepreneur and mentor. I breathe dreams into life in many forms and I am here to help you do the same. I'm here to inspire you, to cheerlead you, to provide you with the tools and resources you need for your creative endeavours to shine!


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What is a brand?
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Your Mission Statement
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